Newsletter Jan-March 2015

Dear Circle of Prayer,

Tomorrow will mark three weeks that we have been back in Botswana since our furlough. After traveling over 7,000 miles in the US, it is great to be home in our bed and out of suitcases.
We were so blessed to see many of you and share what the Lord is doing here. For those of you whom we missed, we hope in 2017 to make a plan to see you. Thank you to all who opened their homes and hearts to us. We have returned refreshed and ready to minister.

We arrived to very hot and dry weather which was a bit difficult to adjust to as we had left a snowy Texas behind. However, we are now adjusted to the heat and have had two very good rainstorms since our arrival.
Within a week of our arrival home, Robin helped host a baby shower for Elise. As Elise has been here 6 years, she is known and dearly loved by the community. There were almost 50 people at the shower and they showered her with lots of love and gifts. The hostess who supplied her lovely home as the venue was stunned at the turn out. However, another one of the attendees told me that the reason so many women turned out, (and most of these are not believers), is because Elise is truly loved and respected in this community. This woman stated that the reason Elise is so loved is that she does not judge but loves everyone. Wow, what a resume!

The day of the shower we had visitors from the US arrive who are on a round the world mission trip. They had gotten our number from another group who came through and asked if they could lodge with us. We enjoyed Laura, Emily, Katie and Brooke and had some deep discussions about life and missions. It will be exciting to hear in the future how God is working in their lives wherever God plants them.

The trucker’s chapel has been roofed and we now only need to put in pavers and we will be open for business. Keith had to work on getting all our vehicles running again as the batteries were a bit weak after sitting for 3 months. Thankfully, the car and truck are running now and we hope to be able to buy and transport the pavers down to the trucker’s chapel soon.

Tutoring has kept Robin busy as well as Sunday school preparations. Our Sunday school class is getting larger. We are presently around 30 kids between the teens (10-15) and elementary class (15-20). The most exciting news is that we have some women who want to help teach Bible class. It is so exciting to have help from the local members and we would like to see them take over the responsibility for Sunday school.

Keith is back into his discipleship studies with the church leaders and the group of young evangelists, besides preparing for his sunrise Easter service that is held on the banks of the Chobe. Each year he chooses one of the participants and tells the Easter story from his or her perspective. This year is Mary Magdalene’s story. Please be in prayer for this event as it is a huge community outreach.

Recently, we have been counseling several people. Pray that as we speak God’s wisdom into their lives, they will accept God’s solutions for their problems.

This past Sunday we rejoice as a young girl has asked to be baptized. Keith will study with her and we will find a suitable spot for the baptism. We prefer the river but some like a swimming pool better!

Thank you again for all you do for us. We are lifted up by your prayers for us and are amazed by your generous support of us and our ministry here.

God’s blessing on each and every one of you,

Keith and Robin Honey